Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Relating to Others

 Room 11 and 12 are focusing on Relating to Others this term so we went to the Sommerville cafe last week! We ordered delicious food, waited patiently and calculated how much we had to pay at the end. We had a great time! 

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Directions and Coding

 We started the term learning about directions and learnt to move forwards, backwards, left and right. We then used Beebot to give them directions so they could move around to different spots on the mats. Eric, Ayden and Alesana were able to extend their skills and use Scratch to create a sprite and make it move across the screen. They dragged blocks of different codes across so their sprite could move and talk. We have become excellent coders!! 

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Learn, Create, Share!

In Room 12 we have adopted a new style of learning and are doing shorter, 3 week topics based on what the boys want to learn more about! In week one, we learnt about mammals and reptiles. The students classified animals into 4 groups - mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. In week 2, the boys chose what way they wanted to share what they had learnt. In week 3, they wrote their presentation, practiced and then shared their learning with our buddy class. We even got to touch a real reptile as Sharon brought in her pet tortoise! 
It has been an excellent 3 weeks of learning, creating and sharing! 

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Going on the bus!

We have been reading the story 'Fun Bus' and as most of us haven't been on a bus before, we planned our own little trip! We looked at the route we were going to take, practiced what we needed to say to the driver and had counted out the correct money to give them. 

Today we walked to the bus stop and waited on bus 743.
Isaiah waved for the bus to stop and we all got on! Unfortunately, due to the new rules around COVID 19, we weren't allowed to pay in cash but we practiced speaking clearly to the driver and walking down the bus quietly! 

When we got to Glen Innes, we had a special treat of McDonalds then we caught the bus back to Tamaki Primary! 


We had such a fun day!!